17 Expert Tips for Saving Money on Your Japan Trip

Japan’s captivating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology entices travelers with its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine. However, traveling in Japan can be expensive, especially in major cities like any destination. But fear not! With careful planning and some smart budgeting, you can experience the wonders of Japan without breaking the bank. Join us as we unveil 17 practical ways to save money to visit japan, making your journey memorable and affordable.

  1. Travel during the shoulder seasons: Visiting Japan in the spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November) can offer pleasant weather and lower accommodation and transportation costs than peak tourist seasons.
  2. Purchase a Japan Rail Pass: If you plan to travel across different cities, consider buying a Japan Rail Pass, which offers unlimited travel on Japan Railways (JR) trains and can save you money on long-distance travel.
  3. Use local transportation passes: For exploring cities, consider buying local transportation passes like Tokyo’s Suica or Pasmo cards, which provide discounted fares on trains and buses.
  4. Opt for budget accommodations: Look for budget-friendly lodging options, such as hostels, guesthouses, or capsule hotels, to save on accommodation costs.
  5. Try traditional ryokans: While luxury hotels can be costly, staying at a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) can be a unique and affordable experience, especially in less touristy areas.
  6. Take advantage of free attractions: Japan offers a wealth of free attractions, including beautiful parks, temples, and shrines, providing a chance to experience the country’s culture without spending a dime.
  7. Enjoy affordable street food: Sample delicious and affordable Japanese street food from local food stalls and markets, which can be more budget-friendly than dining at restaurants.
  8. Eat at izakayas: Izakayas are Japanese-style pubs that offer reasonably priced small plates and drinks, making them an excellent option for experiencing local cuisine on a budget.
  9. Use discount meal tickets: Many restaurants offer meal tickets (食券, shocked) at vending machines outside their doors, allowing you to order without language barriers and often at lower prices.
  10. Take advantage of lunch specials: Look for lunchtime deals at restaurants, as many establishments offer discounted set meals during this time.
  11. Carry a refillable water bottle: Save on buying drinks by carrying a refillable water bottle and using the many water fountains available throughout Japan.
  12. Visit free museums and galleries: Japan has various museums and galleries that offer free admission on certain days or for specific exhibits, providing cultural experiences without extra costs.
  13. Shop at 100-yen stores: Explore the numerous 100-yen stores for affordable souvenirs, snacks, and everyday items, offering a wide range of products at a fixed price.
  14. Purchase tax-free items: Foreign tourists can enjoy tax exemption on certain items by presenting their passports at designated tax-free shops.
  15. Use free city guides: Many cities in Japan offer free walking tours conducted by volunteers, providing useful insights into the local culture and history without any fees.
  16. Consider city passes: Investigate city-specific passes that combine transportation and attraction discounts for a more cost-effective way to explore urban areas.
  17. Utilize discount websites and apps: Check out discount websites and mobile apps for deals on accommodations, activities, and dining options, helping you save money during your trip.


Traveling in Japan doesn’t have to be expensive if you employ these 17 money-saving tips. From traveling during the shoulder seasons and utilizing Japan Rail Passes to enjoying affordable street food and exploring free attractions, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Japan’s beauty, culture, and cuisine without breaking the bank. By making smart choices and planning ahead, you can embark on an enriching journey through Japan that captivates your senses and leaves your wallet intact. So, embrace these budget-friendly strategies and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.



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