5 Best 3-Day Weekend Trips in the U.S.

A quick escape is sometimes necessary after a long week. But when you only have a weekend to travel, it might be difficult to choose where to go. So, here we are with the U.S. top five three-day weekend tours to find the locations that offer the finest weekend vacations. Keep reading on!

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Over a three-day weekend, you might choose to visit Music City if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. As you walk along Broadway, Nashville’s main thoroughfare, live music will play, and you may savor some delicious southern cuisine.


The African American Music, National Museum of the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum, and the Patsy Cline Museum are just a few of the many music museums in the city that you can visit over three days.

  1. Boise, Idaho

Although it might not be the first spot you think of for a long weekend, there are many things to do in the state capital of Idaho.

It feels natural, with countless hiking paths, mountains, and rivers to discover. Many things can keep you busy in Boise for a three-day trip.

  1. Joshua Tree, California

Love to spend your three-day weekend under the stars? Then, visit Joshua Tree, California, the Joshua Tree National Park location. At this famous location, which is best visited in the fall and winter, you’ll feel as though you’re lost in nature.

At Joshua Tree, you’ll be surrounded by “iconic flora, geological occurrences, breathtaking landscapes, unique fauna, and rewarding walks.” After spending three days in the wilderness, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Keys Perspective, one of the park’s higher altitudes at more than 5,000 feet, offers a panoramic view of the Coachella Valley. A fantastic Joshua tree forest and a loop route leading to Keys View may be found in the Juniper Flats region.

At Keys View, sunsets are especially spectacular, and stargazing is a must-watch after the sun goes down. Since the park has outstanding nighttime vision, Gilmour says that stargazers will also like it. Additionally, some parking lots have signage indicating they are designated stargazing areas.

  1. Burlington, Vermont

The breathtaking scenery and abundance of things to do, make it the ideal place for a fall break. Apple cider donuts are often served anywhere there is apple picking, and apple picking is available during the fall months.

The summer and early fall are excellent times to visit the neighborhood markets, and Lake Champlain Chocolates is open all year long, so you can always treat yourself to something sweet. Burlington is a great place to visit in the winter if you want to go skiing or snowboarding or just cuddle up in a beautiful wonderland.

  1. Ojai, California

The Ojai Valley Inn is the ideal place to stay for a three-day weekend break because it’s only two hours north of Los Angeles and seems like a world apart. There are plenty of things to do over the long weekend. Still, a few standouts include a pedal and picnic bike ride, a leisurely trip to the Artist’s Cottage & Apothecary, and a beekeeping and honey-tasting experience.

Beautiful hiking routes, attractive stores, and an olive oil-tasting facility are all available in Ojai. The greatest seasons to travel are fall, winter, and spring because the temperatures are ideal—between the mid-60s and mid-70s.



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