Best Tips to Eat Healthy while Traveling on a Budget

Traveling undoubtedly forces us out of our pattern, making it difficult to maintain healthy diet and exercise routines. However, you can make several effective strategies to make a healthy habit when traveling in a way that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying yourself and your stay abroad. Don’t worry if you’re traveling on a tight budget; you can still eat healthfully without going overboard. Check out the list below for eating healthy when traveling on a budget:

  1. Stay in accommodations with an equipped kitchen

In addition, to make your meal, you can try local fruits and veggies. Hostels, private homes, farms, and even non-profit organizations are the best accommodation options for this. Do you know you can get a free bed and kitchen for a little work? Work exchange is a type of cooperative tourism that works incredibly well for collaborative tourism.


If you don’t wish to provide volunteer labor in exchange for lodging, you can also rent rooms with a kitchen at hostels or homes through online booking websites.

  1. Pack snacks

Rice cakes, hummus, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, and dried fruit are fantastic, healthy snack options you can purchase in a market or grocery shop and take with you on your travels.

Having these handy snacks will make you feel better if hungriness ever arises. As a result, you are less willing to stop at a convenience store or grab something unhealthy from the side of the road.

  1. Re-usable water bottle

Purchasing an eco-friendly water bottle (along with a coffee cup) will be better for the environment and your pocket because you won’t need to buy water as often, and you’ll discard fewer plastic bottles in the garbage.

Staying hydrated is an important thing while traveling, especially if you are walking a  lot or are in an environment that is hotter and more humid. This is especially beneficial if you frequently consume alcoholic beverages, another aspect of local culture.

  1. Local street food over fast food franchises

Go local, if you’re going to eat fast food! Since eating hummus and carrots daily isn’t always realistic, avoid Burger King and McDonald’s when ordering fast food. Street food is preferable to franchises since it is more affordable and delicious.

  1. Park picnics

Eating at a local restaurant is undoubtedly unaffordable for travelers on a tight budget. However, bringing your food and beverages to the park is a fantastic alternative if the weather is nice. You’ll likely eat better and save money, and you’ll also get some vitamin D from the sun, which is crucial for boosting your immune system.

  1. Protein

When choosing a snack or meal, choose something with greater protein content because this, together with fiber from fruits and vegetables, keeps you fuller for longer and reduces your need for sweets. This is particularly crucial if you follow a plant-based diet because a lack of protein can also result in fatigue and a weakened immune system, which are the last things you need while traveling. Likewise, maintain color on your plate by including vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates.



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