Christmas Celebration In Goa: Top 5 Experiences For A Christmas Celebration In Goa

In India, December is both the coldest and most beautiful month. The weather is gloomy outside; the sun is gentle, the ocean waves are at their most playful, and hearts are closer than ever. Goa, a former Portuguese colony, prepares for December 25th as the rest of India prepares to welcome the New Year. The holiday season is a magnificent carnival when Goa is decked out in lights and decorations in every nook and cranny. Christmas in Goa is all about the sound of Christmas songs, the aroma of scented candles, and the generous gift-exchanged! So make plans to go out with your pals while watching the sound of church bells and fireworks.

Top 5 Experiences For A Christmas Celebration In Goa

The entire state of Goa celebrates Christmas and dresses like a bride. In Goa, there are several places to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is unquestionably one of the most significant festivals observed in Goa, and here are some of the best activities you can partake in for a memorable holiday celebration.

  1. Missa De Galo: Attend The Mass

Midnight mass is a well-liked Christmas custom in Goa on New Year’s Eve. The lovely Christmas night, when people revel in the celebrations, is a special occasion in Goa. People can easily attend a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at one of the over 400 churches in Goa. Offering prayer at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of India’s oldest churches, is the only thing that may truly satisfy.

This is the ideal location for Christmas celebrations in Goa. You may maximize the holiday season by listening to hymns and carols. The midnight Mass proceedings often begin at 10 p.m., so it is best to find a place in the church early.

  1. Firework Show: Witness The Picturesque View

Goa is entirely wrapped in celebration and lighting. Watch the cracker show everywhere to make the most of Christmas in Goa; the city transforms into a beautiful spectacle that is truly a delight for the eyes! Most of Goa’s churches are located in the Old Goa area, which is full of bursts of light and offers exotic festive vibes in the air.

One of the most amazing sights to see during Goa’s Christmas celebration is the brilliant cracker show on Anjuna Beach, which gives a variety of colors and light while the entire beach area parties till dawn.

  1. Christmas Eve: Dance With The Locals

Few cities can even compare to the nightlife in Goa! Regular days in Goa, especially in December, are filled with revelers thumping the dance floor. However, Christmas eve in Goa is unique because of the fun atmosphere, friendly people, and beautiful decorations. A must-attend event in Goa on this particular occasion is one of the trances, techno, or rave parties in areas like Vagator and Anjuna.

You would be forced to sway to the local bands’ jive, waltz, or foxtrot music. But, unfortunately, those Konkani and vintage songs are too good for such an important event.

  1. Mandovi River Cruise: Savor The Sunset

Christmas is the perfect time to visit Goa, so go on a river cruise or plan a private boat party with your friends. You have an unforgettable Christmas evening as you go on a river cruise on the Mandovi River. A Christmas party in Goa is made even more memorable by an evening spent sailing. If you are with your special someone, consider organizing a candlelit meal.

  1. Sunburn: Party Like Never Before

You’ll have a great time dancing the night away to some great music, watching international DJs perform live, and indulging in copious amounts of food and alcohol. Sunburn will get you hooked on this town for a time and compel you to return for more the following year to join the excitement and booze! It is superior to any Christmas carnival in Goa.



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