Maldives Vs. Seychelles — Top 5 Differences To Know Before You Visit

These two Indian Ocean islands are worth the trip—they are halfway around the world apart. Each produces beautiful visions of palm trees, white sand beaches, and blue waters. Both are so stunning that it hurts, and many newlyweds’ wish lists include them.

However, there are many distinctions that you should be aware of, including the natural settings, the activities available, and—perhaps most importantly—whether the islands are just suitable for honeymooners or if the Maldives and Seychelles are also suitable for single travelers, long-married couples, or even families.



  • The Maldives Are Part Of Asia.

The Republic of Maldives is 466 miles south of the Indian subcontinent, southwest of Sri Lanka, located south of India. Two parallel rows of 26 atolls make up the Maldives near the equator. The North Male Atoll’s capital, Male, is located there.

  • Seychelles Are Part Of Africa.

A thousand miles off the coast of Kenya, in the Indian Ocean, yet closer to the continent of Africa, is the Republic of Seychelles. Mahe, the largest of the 115 islands that make up the nation, shares a confusing resemblance with the capital of the Maldives and is home to Victoria’s international airport.

The Weather

  • Maldives Lies Across The Equator.

The Maldives, located in the Tropics, have two different seasons. However, there is little seasonal temperature difference. The southwest monsoon blows from mid-May through November, and the northeast monsoon blows between January and March, defining the dry season. Therefore, the greatest time to travel is typically between the monsoons from March to November, though it rarely rains for an extended period.

  • Seychelles Lies South Of The Equator.

Similar to the Maldives, there is not much variation in temperature throughout the year, but like the Maldives, there are two distinct seasons here. Between November and April, the northwest monsoon blows, bringing rain and humidity, making it feel much hotter. Between May and October, the southwest monsoon produces cool, dry weather. However, “cool” is still a toasty 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things To Do

  • The Maldives Islands Are Very Similar.

The Maldives Islands are all very similar, tiny, and completely flat, and it is here that the archipelagos diverge the most. The islands do not have much to offer, despite the lovely resorts and the turquoise water, which begs to be explored with a snorkel or breathing equipment. There isn’t much else, and all the attractions and water activities are man-made. Suppose you are off one of the outlying islands, which is quite a distance. In that case, you can take day trips to other islands, such as the capital with its fish market or nearby islands where locals occasionally set up several souvenir stalls.

  • Seychelles Has More Diverse Attractions.

The Seychelles Islands are a diversified group, with islands like Mahe featuring a bevy of resorts, many settlements outside of the capital, a wide variety of beaches, nature trails, botanical gardens, and nature reserves, as well as a haven for bird watchers. Various water activities are available, the coralline and granite islands offer excellent scuba diving opportunities, and Victoria, the country’s capital, offers a vibrant market and wonderful stores. Renting a car for a few days is essential if you remain on Mahe.

The Romance Factor

  • Maldives Is a Pure Couples Romance.

This one is tough because both island countries are stunningly gorgeous. Perfect palm trees, sand spits where you may set up for intimate banquets, and little chapels for the ideal beach wedding can be found on every resort island. However, the resorts are what distinguish this location. The Maldives are difficult to top when it comes to romance because they provide everything from private over-water villas to underwater restaurants, world-class spas, and luxury you can scarcely fathom, all in front of a natural backdrop.

  • Seychelles Is For Youth, Older, Families, And Couples.

In Seychelles, you can find backdrops made of slick granite boulders, cheeky coconuts with rounded backs, fraying palm palms, and private island resorts with beaches marked “closed” yet with butler service. The (granite) islands have a steep background, rich gardens, and breathtaking views. The most opulent private island resorts are available for reservations, and wedding venues are almost everywhere along the coastline. Seychelles is pure luxury and romance.

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

  • Resort Restaurants dominate the Maldives.

Although the Maldives has several excellent eateries and bars, your options are limited to the island you are vacationing on. If you spend money, you can choose from various restaurants serving everything from fine dining to pub food, seafood, and burgers. The preferred meal in this area is seafood, which makes sense. There are inexpensive, authentic local, Indian, and other dining options available if you travel to the main island, but Male is the only location with this selection.

  • Seychelles Has Many Local Eateries.

Depending on where you are staying, you might experience a similar issue in Seychelles. Even if the options are excellent, they are few if you stay on a private island. However, you’ll have choices if you remain on one of the bigger islands, like Mahe or Praslin. The best part of my trip to Mahe was renting a car, driving about, and stopping at small, local restaurants to try the food while admiring the beach. Pizza joints, food carts, upscale hotel dining, beer gardens, and everything in between are all available. You may eat inexpensively and try something new daily on the larger islands.



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