Things to do if your Flight Gets Cancelled or Delayed

Sometimes, flights can be delayed or canceled due to the unusually high demand from passengers, typical summer weather delays, and airline staff shortages. If unexpected schedule changes make flying a hassle, you shouldn’t let them stop you from traveling altogether.

Travel expert Scott Keyes, the creator of Scott’s Cheap Flights, suggested his advice for managing these messy times in flight travel, from rebooking to getting a refund.


What do you need to do when your Flight is Cancelled or Delayed?

Don’t panic if your flight is canceled; your airline will probably automatically rebook you on the next flight. However, there is a possibility that this new flight may not work with your schedule.

If you are at home when you get the notification that your flight has been canceled, check the airline’s website to check if any flight options are available for rebooking. If not, you’ll need to contact or text your airline; although there may be long waits, it will give you flexibility when rebooking.

If you were informed of the cancellation of your flight at the airport, go to the airline’s help desk; however, there will probably be dozens or perhaps hundreds of people on wait. However, it’s not the only option to get help.

You can also use your phone to call agents to take help in rearranging your accommodations addition to the gate agents. Also, don’t forget about your checked luggage either; if a flight has been canceled and you have checked luggage, you should speak with an airline employee about how to get your bag.

How to Rebook Your Flight?

Rebooking can be done in person at an airport help desk, over the phone, or via text message. Be aware that response times may be unusually slow, so use every available channel to contact them.

Moreover, calling an airline’s foreign phone lines is the quickest and most convenient way to contact them, according to Keyes. Let’s say American Airlines. They have dozens of other hotlines throughout the world in addition to their primary U.S. hotline, including ones in Mexico, the U.K., Australia, and dozens more. You’ll typically get through at a foreign office, and agents there can handle your reservation just the same.

While airlines always prefer to rebook you on one of their own flights, there is a possibility that they may rebook you on another carrier if there are exceptional circumstances.

The process to Get a Refund, Travel Credit, or Other Compensation.

It is good to know that we can take a full refund of the ticket if any airline cancels or changes your flight. It doesn’t matter if your ticket was non-refundable. It doesn’t matter whether a global pandemic or severe weather was to blame. If you no longer want to travel, you are entitled to a cash return and are not required to accept a flight credit or travel voucher.”

For what it’s worth, each airline has a different definition of “significant changes to the schedule”; check your airline’s fine print to learn more. That only applies to schedule changes made in advance of the flight; it does not apply to regular delays brought on by stormy weather or the late arrival of an aircraft. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation suggested a new regulation requiring airlines to pay customers if their flight is delayed for a specific period of time, but it has not yet become law.



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