Top 12 Spring Travel Destinations For Each Zodiac Sign

Whether you are spending a complete vacation or just a long weekend, spring is a terrific time to do a lot of sightseeing as fewer people are out and about, and the weather is more excellent. Therefore, “let’s use astrology to pick the best springtime destination.

  1. Aries: New Orleans, Louisiana

For an active and thrilling fire sign like you, Aries, springtime in New Orleans offers mild weather and countless fun, festive activities, making it the ideal vacation spot. Enjoy the French Quarter Festival (April 13–April 16), have a good time at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April 28–May 7), or take a few days of art at Bayou Boogaloo and live music (April 13 – April 16), (May 19 – May 21).

  1. Aquarius: Taormina, Sicily

Being social by nature, Aquarians will adore the vibrant local atmosphere in Taormina, Sicily. Spring is great because of the nice weather and lower tourist traffic.

  1. Capricorn: Vancouver Island, Canada

Capricorns are famous for their diligence. Therefore, this year’s leisurely and relaxed spring break would be appropriate. In addition, the stunning coastline of Vancouver Island offers the perfect setting for genuinely slipping out of work mode.

  1. Taurus: Kyoto, Japan

Since you are a spring sign, take advantage of the season by making travel arrangements to Kyoto, Japan. A profusion of cherry blossoms throughout spring turns the city into a paradise of pink flowers.

  1. Gemini: Chefchaouen, Morocco

It’s springtime when Gemini was born. Visit Chefchaouen, Morocco, this year to make it even more memorable. It’s stunning and Instagram-worthy. This small town, often known as the “Blue City,” is a perfect spot to unwind and take in the surroundings because of its lovely aquamarine-colored architecture.

  1. Cancer: Santorini, Greece

A lot has happened in your field of work this year, Cancer. However, you’ll benefit from a tranquil and peaceful spring break in Greece’s stunning Santorini. Due to pleasant temperatures and fewer visitors, spring is a great time to travel to the picturesque Greek island.

  1. Leo: Cartagena, Colombia

Leo, spring is merely a prelude to your birthday month. Because of its inviting and vibrant appeal, Cartagena, Colombia, is a fantastic spring escape for you. Being a creative and outgoing fire sign, you’ll adore the vibrant nightlife, chic restaurants, and thriving street art scene in the Getsemani neighborhood.

  1. Virgo: Sedona, Arizona

Virgo, this spring is a great time to discover your spiritual side. A journey to a gorgeous location like Sedona, Arizona, is an excellent way to spend spring break. Strolling through this geological wonder will satisfy your Earth sign’s need to encounter nature. The unusual panorama of red rocks and colorful desert flora is especially dazzling this time of year.

  1. Libra: Kauai, Hawaii

Since Venus, the planet of love rules Libra, every vacation should have a honeymoon-like quality. Because of this, the lovely Hawaiian island of Kauai is one of the best places to travel to in the spring.

  1. Scorpio: Kathmandu, Nepal

A mysterious Scorpio would be well-suited to spend the spring in Kathmandu, located in a valley surrounded by the magnificent Himalayan mountains of Nepal. The spring season in Nepal’s capital is lovely, with pleasant temperatures, a profusion of rhododendrons in blossom, and countless opportunities to watch the area’s varied fauna.

  1. Sagittarius: Cancun, Mexico

For an adventurous Sagittarius like you, Cancun’s reputation as a spring break party hotspot is sometimes a problem. However, you must balance intense activity and deep relaxation as a Sagittarius, and Cancun will not disappoint you.

  1. Pisces: Glacier Bay, Alaska

You benefit greatly from connecting with the water at any time of year, Pisces. You might benefit significantly from a springtime visit to Glacier Bay, Alaska. Since the feeding season for grey whales, minkes, orcas, and humpback whales occurs in the spring, this is a fantastic time to witness the area’s stunning marine life.



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