Top 15 Unmissable Things to Do in Japan: A Traveler’s Guide

Japan is a captivating country that seamlessly blends its rich history and culture with modern innovations. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, there is a wide array of experiences for travelers to enjoy. Here are 15 of the best things to do in Japan for fun, providing a glimpse into the country’s diverse offerings.

  1. Explore Tokyo: Dive into the vibrant energy of Tokyo’s capital city. The top things to do in tokyo are to visit iconic landmarks like the Tokyo Tower, explore bustling neighborhoods such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, and indulge in delicious street food.
  2. Visit Kyoto’s Temples: Immerse yourself in Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto, famous for its stunning temples and traditional architecture. Don’t miss Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), Fushimi Inari Shrine, and the serene Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.
  3. Experience Traditional Tea Ceremony: Engage in the art of tea appreciation through a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Participate in preparing and savoring matcha (powdered green tea) while learning its cultural significance.
  4. Witness Cherry Blossoms: If you visit Japan in spring, experience the beauty of cherry blossoms. Parks and gardens across the country, particularly in Kyoto and Tokyo, offer spectacular displays of delicate pink flowers.
  5. Hike Mount Fuji: One of the most fun things is to embark on a challenging adventure by climbing Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji during the official climbing season (July to early September). Witness breathtaking sunrise views from the summit.
  6. Explore Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: Pay tribute to the past and gain insights into the impact of World War II by visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Visit the Peace Memorial Museum and Atomic Bomb Dome.
  7. Relax in Onsen: Experience the quintessential Japanese tradition of bathing in hot springs. Popular hot spring destinations include Hakone, Beppu, and Kusatsu, where you can unwind and rejuvenate.
  8. Discover Ancient Nara: Visit Nara, Japan’s first permanent capital, and encounter friendly wild deer roaming freely in Nara Park. Explore the iconic Todai-ji Temple, which houses the giant bronze Buddha statue.
  9. Wander through the Geisha District: Stroll through the historic Gion district in Kyoto, known for its traditional wooden machiya houses and geisha culture. Catch a glimpse of geiko (geisha) or maiko (apprentice geisha) on their way to appointments.
  10. Explore the Historic City of Kanazawa: Discover the preserved samurai and geisha districts, visit the impressive Kenrokuen Garden, and explore Kanazawa’s traditional Higashi Chaya District.
  11. Ride the Shinkansen: Experience the fun places by traveling on Japan’s high-speed bullet train, known as Shinkansen. Zip across the country comfortably and efficiently, marveling at the scenic landscapes.
  12. Sample Japanese Cuisine: Indulge in the diverse flavors of Japanese cuisine. The country offers an incredible culinary journey from sushi and sashimi to ramen and tempura. Don’t forget to try regional specialties.
  13. Attend a Sumo Wrestling Match: Witness the intense sport of sumo wrestling by attending a tournament. Experience the ritualistic ceremonies and watch the powerful wrestlers in action.
  14. Visit the Floating Torii Gate: Head to Miyajima Island near Hiroshima to see the iconic Itsukushima Shrine with its famous floating torii gate. Witness the gate appearing to float during high tide.
  15. Relax in a Japanese Garden: Find tranquility in the meticulously designed Japanese gardens scattered throughout the country. The gardens, such as Kenrokuen in Kanazawa and Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, offer peaceful retreats.


Japan is a captivating destination that blends tradition, natural beauty, and modern wonders. Whether you explore the bustling cities, admire ancient temples, immerse yourself in cultural experiences, or indulge in delicious cuisine, Japan promises an unforgettable journey. With its unique attractions and diverse landscapes, Japan invites travelers to create lasting memories and appreciate its rich heritage.



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