Top 5 Best Beaches in Venice

Depending on how you use the word, the City of Bridges’ Venice’s well-known attractions and exquisite dining establishments elicit an emotion in visitors that is indescribable. It must be experienced.

The nicest beaches in Venice are the ideal setting for taking stock of your emotions. When you think of the Floating City, beaches may not be the first thing that hits your mind, but you risk missing out if you do. These beaches frequently offer solitude, sun, and sea, providing a romantic time with your partner. Below are some of the Venice beaches you should not miss.

  1. Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo is unquestionably the beach closest to Venice most visited. This is because it’s convenient to Venice and good for family getaways. Despite this, the beaches in this area can get busy, and during the summer, traffic can be a hassle. It’s also important to note that this city’s nightlife is far more vibrant and interesting than Venice’s; you can find bars that stay open longer and at more affordable costs.

  1. Isola delle Rose

Isola delle Rose, one of the beaches nearest to Venice, is reachable by free, 25-minute ferry from San Marco. In addition, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a world-class spa were recently added to the island’s rehabilitation by the JW Marriott. Here, you can spend the day taking advantage of some of the island’s upscale amenities while taking in the peace of the private waterfront beach.

  1. Alberoni

Alberoni, the barrier island’s furthest beach, is free to access, although some of Lido’s beaches require entry fees. The beachcombers and naturalists who enjoy the utter tranquility of it all frequent Alberoni, located in a nature reserve. The area is full of beach umbrellas and chairs. The number of moored boats and water sports enthusiasts increases in the late summer.

  1. Punta Sabbioni

There are cool (and unspoiled) beaches in this bustling port on Cavallino-west Treporti’s coast, which benefits from regular ferry service to and from Venice. The surrounding ruins of ancient Venetian forts that were essential in defending the city are given character by the lighthouse, a ghostly landmark.

  1. Santa Cristina

The private island Santa Cristina in the northern lagoon of Venice offers the ultimate beach experience for those wanting complete privacy. For those who prefer to enjoy the beach from a distance, the old Swarovski family compound features a magnificent pool, outdoor patio, and private beach access. The island is covered in flowery gardens and vineyards, where grouse and peacocks roam free.



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