Without visiting this exciting city, a trip to India is not complete. Mumbai, India, has so many beautiful things to offer that you will be flooded! Mumbai is the best Indian city to live in many ways. In terms of entertainment options and safety, it surpasses all other Indian metropolises. Mumbai is a crazy mashup of world cultures. It’s a blast to hang out with the locals, and the city is so lovely that even its chaos is melodic. The best time is from October to February to visit Mumbai.

Best Things To Do In Mumbai

The top five things to do in Mumbai are listed below:

  1. See the Gateway of India

The Gateway of India always fills the opening frame of the screen whenever Mumbai is depicted in a film or on television. This is, without a doubt, the attraction in Mumbai that is the most well-known. The famous arch structure is situated beside the Arabian Sea. The front yard’s cobblestones are crowded with tourists all day long. Generally, there are several boats, trawlers, and yachts on the water close to the gateway.

  1. Watch Sunset from the Marine Drive

The Marine Drive is just a 15-minute cab ride from the Gateway of India. Due to its shape, it is frequently referred to as the “necklace.” The driveway’s wide pavement and even wider wall, which many people often doze off over, are its biggest draws. It is one of India’s most excellent and pristine regions. One of the most stunning sights in Mumbai is the sweeping views along the 3.5-kilometer beachside promenade.

  1. Explore the Caves of the Elephanta Island

From the port near the Gateway of India, a traveler can go to Elephanta Island in a one-hour, bumpy boat journey. The island’s fame skyrocketed when a group of Hindu and Buddhist caves was found. Five caverns currently welcome tourists. The cave sculptures carved out of rock might astound visitors. The hike offers a beautiful sea view of the cannon position on the island’s peak. These caves are fascinating to explore in addition to being stunning.

  1. Get Spiritual at the Siddhivinayak Temple

The temple of Mumbai’s patron god is located here. In the Siddhivinayak temple’s primary shrine, Lord Ganesha is seated. The wealthy and well-known in the city frequent the temple. It is very beneficial for the growth of wealth to visit the temple and receive a “darshan” (seeing the deity) on a day deemed auspicious.

  1. Shop at the bizarre Chor Bazaar

The Hindi word “chor” means “thief” in English. A bazaar refers to a market. Thus this is undoubtedly a thief market. This flea market sells theft products for cheap, but there is no warranty. This market has almost everything under the sun, from antique furniture to the most cutting-edge cosmetics. The stores provide a variety of goods, including electronics, antiques, and musical instruments.