Top 5 Things to Visit in Brussels: Europe’s Beautiful Capital

The administrative center of the European Union and the natural capital of Belgium, Brussels, delivers the authentic Belgian experience without the touristy hoopla. There are many sights to view in Brussels waiting for your arrival, including grand facades, majestic churches, some spectacular and quirky museums, the distinctive and imposing Atomium, and melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolates. Therefore, if you’re on vacation, you’ll be delighted by this intriguing small city with lots of surprises and an illustrious past.

5 Best Places To Visit In Brussels

Before you go, check out our list of the top attractions in Brussels. Look at this!

  1. Grand Place

One of the greatest places to go in Brussels to get a sense of the atmosphere is the big city center, which is brimming with history, magnificent architecture, and a magnificent floral carpet. One of the best spots in Brussels to enjoy a drink, select a tour, or just sit and feel the pulse of this dynamic city is the biggest and most beautiful square in all of Europe, bordered by the imposing Gildehuizen. The grandness and elegance of the Grand Place are attributed to the elaborate historic structures surrounding the cobblestoned square. They include complex stonework, magnificent gold embellishment, baroque gables, and breathtaking architecture. Three times a week, you can wander to the neighborhood flower market to take in its aroma and be amazed by its incredible beauty at night.

  1. Atomium & Mini Europe

The striking and recognizable steel-aluminum marvel serves as Brussels’ equivalent of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. It’s remarkable to look up at this replica of an iron atom that has been enlarged to 165 times its standard size, and ascending to the top of this 100-meter-tall shining architectural wonder is an exhilarating experience. You can purchase the trip and ticket in addition to going to Mini Europe, which is fascinating and thrilling for adults and children. This small wonder is a well-liked Brussels attraction because it features intricate models of the best European towns, interactive portions, and functional models.

  1. Mont De Arts

Mont De Arts, a gorgeous small hill with up to 10 museums and an unbeatable ambiance, is undoubtedly one of the greatest spots to visit in Brussels to enjoy the best the charming city offers. Simply relax here and take in the street performances, explore nearby attractions like the Magritte Museum or the unusual Musical Instruments Museum, among others, or take in the expansive cityscapes. Picture-postcard-worthy cityscapes can be captured at sunset, and as night falls, you can take in the glittering show.

  1. Jardin Du Petit Sablon

This serene oasis in the heart of the city is a great spot to take a break from the hectic Brussels sightseeing. The lovely landscaped garden with an amazing Egmont and Hornes Fountain is studded with 48 bronze sculptures depicting historical occupations. It’s the perfect place for a truly European experience while getting into some history.

  1. Michael And St. Gudula Cathedral

This magnificent poem in stone, dedicated to Brussels’s patron saints, is equally stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. The enormous preaching platform, striking arches, charming sculptures, and exquisitely finished stained glass windows are a visual delight. This magnificent Gothic-style cathedral, only a short stroll from the main station, is a must-see on any agenda of things to do in Brussels. Spending an hour learning about its background, architecture, and spiritual significance while finding peace is worthwhile.



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