It will start getting warm in just a few short weeks. Therefore it’s time to start thinking about your vacations. We look at some of the most environmentally friendly travel places on this list to help motivate you in the right direction. Read on.

Top 8 Most Sustainable Travel Destinations

  1. Costa Rica

Visitors may enjoy various natural attractions in Costa Rica, including the sea, the mountains, and the rainforests. The nation is skilled at utilizing these advantages to draw visitors, and it has refocused its marketing efforts on ecotourism under the motto “Pura Vida” (the “Pure Life”). National parks occupy over a fourth of this land, spectacularly situated between the Pacific and the Caribbean Seas. Almost 17% of the animal species in the world are found on land. And it’s not just the natural beauty; hydropower generates one-third of Costa Rica’s electricity.

  1. Bhutan

This remote Buddhist monarchy is folded away high in the Himalayas and is renowned for being the only nation in the world to assess gross national happiness. When you learn more about this small country, startling details become clear, like it is the only carbon-neutral nation in the world and actively works to limit visitor numbers out of concern for the land’s future. The Royal Society for the Preservation of Nature in the nation ensures that the glacier valleys, the main tourist attractions, are in good condition. A network of ecotourism farmhouses has been established, which has aided in raising money for these initiatives.

  1. Scotland

Scotland has taken the lead in the fight against climate change and was the first country in the world to ratify the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency initiative, which calls on the tourism industry to decrease its carbon impact. Scotland will host the COP26 conference in 2021. Tourists are drawn to the breathtaking splendor of the highlands because rewilding has taken center stage on this region’s agenda. Follow the country’s Green Tourism certification program to find where to go.

  1. Slovenia

Slovenia, one of the less traveled regions of Europe, is awash in breathtaking natural splendor, including the Julian Mountains, Lake Bohinj, and Lake Bled. The nation has taken advantage of these benefits by building new paths, improving signposting, and digitizing hiking and skiing maps.

  1. Finland

This northern European nation has an 80% forest cover, and its air and water are regarded as some of the purest in the world. By creating the Sustainable Finland program, which directs tourists to places like the northern forests of Lapland, where the Northern Lights can be seen through the trees, the government has ensured that it continues to be an attraction for eco-tourists.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand depends on tourism revenue from its stunning natural surroundings. Because of its advantages in this area, the nation has emerged as a shining example of sustainability. Around a fifth of the country’s total energy consumption comes from the comparatively emission-free geothermal energy source. For the past 20 years, the government has strongly emphasized maintaining the environment and elevated sustainability to the top of its agenda.

  1. Madagascar

Madagascar, another island nation, made recent history by becoming the first nation to suffer from a famine brought on by climate change in its southern region. It is aware of the potential threats. It is also known for its variety of unique habitats and wildlife, and its natural beauty attracts most people.

  1. San Diego, California

Unsurprisingly, one place in California would make this list, given its stunning beaches and reputation as a green pioneer. However, the state’s southernmost city, San Diego, has assumed the top spot. The city has a Climate Action Plan, and the number of clean technology jobs has decreased by almost double the national rate. The city may also take pride in having a zero-waste plan. By 2040, all waste must be diverted, according to the plan. In addition, the city is almost entirely powered by renewable energy as of this writing.