About Us

We think that everyone should travel. It helps in our self- and environment-education. You are on a trip as a traveler, and we at Rodamia are too. Our mission is to encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy the excitement of travel.

Our Mission

To meet the demands of travelers, Rodamia combines technology, data, creativity, and a shared passion for adventure to offer destinations where people may get inspiration, get organized, and ultimately…travel. We want your every vacation to feel unique because we devote so much time, money, and passion to planning them, regardless of how big, far, or long they are through our content.

What Do We Do?

Rodamia is the source of great travel tips and travel and leisure. We share travel advice for the world’s most thrilling locations because we know how much you love traveling.

  • We exchange creative, fun, and original travel tips. So get off the beaten path and explore places at your own pace.
  • We write about travel hacks and insider information to maximize your enjoyment of your visit while staying within your means.